Environmental Water Services

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About Environmental Water Services

3 Greyhen Lane, Savannah, GA 31411
(912) 356-9001, or (800) 743-6621


Since December 1990, Environmental Water Services (EWS) has been providing not only Savannah but also the entire low country with good, clean water.

Rick Wohler took over as President of EWS on Sept. 1, 2000, and brought to the company an even stronger focus on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

EWS sells and services equipment made by Water Resources International (WRI) in Phoenix, Arizona.  From its beginnings nearly 34 years ago, WRI is now a fully integrated company that manufactures and markets a wide range of products both nationally and internationally: from residential water processors to commercial desalinization systems. WRI is committed to an extensive research and development program in order to make certain that its products are the finest manufactured.

No more hard water scale

No more ugly hard water spotting

Reduce scale buildup in plumbing

Saves money on cleaning products